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Finding Your True Pathway...

The following is a message that was channelled to me from spirit. It comes from a very powerful Native American spirit guide who wants me to share with you, her perception of the meaning of life and the route to true happiness.

‘There are many challenges in this world for people, and nothing is harder than learning the true meaning of yourself and your pathway in life. There are many hidden secrets to uncover until you find the true you. Take heed, and look beneath the surface of yourself. Do not just mirror what you see in others, but look for your own good traits. Everyone is unique, and have been given their own particular talents, with which to better and further themselves.

Do not look to others for validation of what you do, for it is not their concern. What you should be doing is be walking your own pathway and listening to the Universe's response to your actions. When things go well, you will know that you are emitting the correct frequency (by doing what is right). When times are hard, it means that your frequency needs to change, and by that, I mean your thoughts and your actions. This change and fine-tuning will bring more peace into your life. The more you listen to the universe and get in flow with its vibration, the easier and more fulfilling your life will become.

Do not listen to those around you who cast negative aspersions upon you, for they are false friends. Stand proud and know that what is in your heart is correct, for this is what will ultimately bring you fulfilment. Talk to like-minded people, those willing to accept new ideas and philosophies. And, you will find opportunities to teach others this new way, which will bring more harmony to the Earth.

The more people that follow the path to enlightenment, the more fruitful your planet will be. It is a mirror of yourselves, it reflects your needs, wishes and actions. The Earth is a living being, just like you. She turns her face away from war and famine and rejoices at the positive energies she gets from people like you.

Take time out to meditate and question, ‘What is right?’ and you shall be shown the way. Not everyone has the same path, but most are similar, and all lead to universal love. That is the key. Be happy and joyous and know that these emotions are the key to life and success. There is nothing more you need or should want, for this is the eternal truth. No one should count money as the route to riches as it is not, happiness, joy and love are the three steps on our path. Choose these, and you will not go wrong.’

'I hope you enjoyed my guide's wisdom, and that it helps you to find even more joy in your life'

Love & Light


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