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I am honoured to announce that I have accepted an invitation to join the investigative team of Parachills.com to use my abilities as a clairvoyant medium to help investigate their cases.

Parachills are a non profit organisation led by parapsychologists, leading Investigators and researchers in the world of paranormal and unexplained. They dedicate their time conducting research, investigations and providing content through their YouTube channel to audiences across the world.

They say: 'Our aim is to help preserve the evidence gained to contribute towards the existence of the paranormal. We have decades of experience in this field and continue to grow each day within this area of expertise.'

The Parachills website is a fascinating resource of information for the trainee ghost hunter, including what equipment to use and how to use it, how to prepare for an investigation, what paranormal entities you might expect to encounter, how to capture this evidence electronically and how to correctly analyse it afterwards.

The investigative team also help those experiencing paranormal, demonic or unexplained activity and work hard to investigate missing persons, cold cases and UFO activity. You can visit the Parachills website here.

Parachills also have their own YouTube channel where they have professionally produced videos of paranormal content.

Their YouTube videos include subject matter such as:

• Mysteries and the Unexplained

• True Crime

• Missing Persons

• Paranormal Investigations

• Ghosts, Demons, Haunted Dolls, EVP's & UFO's.

You can check it out and also subscribe to the channel here...if you dare!

Please note:

Parachills are a non-profit organisation and rely on the kindness of others to continue their work. As well as working to locate missing persons, helping people with paranormal problems and investigating cold cases, they also help other investigative groups with grants to cover the cost of equipment. All donations that they receive are placed in a fund used to help other investigators. If you would like to support them in their good works, please buy them a coffee here, become a patron here or buy yourself a fab Parachills T-shirt here!

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