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Jenny's Crystal Jewellery

Prices from £14.99

Jenny's love of crystals and semi precious stones come together in her beautiful handmade jewellery.

Each stunning piece is a unique combination of stones and beads which can include semi precious gems, cut glass and other decorative beads such as painted ceramic ones.

Each bead is carefully selected to compliment the necklace or bracelet design, before being handcrafted into a beautiful, unique piece of wearable art.

A myriad of coloured stones, from tiger's eye, amethyst and turquoise to dragon's skin agate, Malachite and rose quartz form these eye catching pieces.  

Each necklace and bracelet is charged with positive energy by Jenny, before being posted to you in a gift pouch.

Which will YOU choose!

Please note that all necklaces are either beaded with gold or silver plated wire. Bracelets are elasticated.

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