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'Clairvoyance Club'

A friendly meeting place for those interested in the paranormal or psychic development

Jenny started her Clairvoyance Club on the Nextdoor social network service, to be a friendly place for those interested in all things paranormal and psychic, to be able to chat, share experiences, ideas and to be able to learn about more psychic development etc. This free to join club is open to everyone, whether you want to just chat or develop your own psychic abilities.


Have you ever wondered if you are psychic? The truth is that EVERYBODY is psychic.


Although some people are naturally more talented than others, everybody has latent psychic abilities that they can develop. To help you learn about your own natural talents and how to expand them, Jenny's Clairvoyant Club is a safe and friendly environment which can help you discover your own talents and abilities, ideal for anyone who wants to take a step towards enlightenment.

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