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Clairvoyant Readings


Negative Entity/Energy Removal (House Cleansing)

Clairvoyant Readings from £19.99

Negative Entity/Energy Removal (House Cleanse) £34.99


Being a naturally talented clairvoyant medium, Jenny is able to tune into her spirit guides who connect her with your spirit guides, family and friends (and even pets) in the spirit world, they then relay their messages to Jenny which combine to form an insightful reading for you. Jenny does not need to be in the same room (or even continent) as you, to do your reading, as everything in the Universe is connected by unseen energy that Jenny can connect to via her guides.


Choose from asking Jenny between one and three questions or choose a past life reading (or both), and she will use her many psychic gifts to focus on these points during her communication with the spirit world. You may, however, also find your reading contains information about other areas of your life too. Once your reading is complete, it will be emailed to you for your contemplation and enjoyment. Your unique and personal reading will be a permanent record of your reading which you can easily refer back to, reflect on and share your experience with friends, family and on social media.


Often when we walk into a house we get a 'feeling' about it, the atmosphere of the property can affect how you feel yourself. Sometimes properties can develop negative energies which make us feel drained, depressed or unwell. This negativity can be caused by an unwanted spiritual entity, a previous negative event that happened in the property or by collected negative energies given off by other people.

This problem can be fixed by a remote spiritual cleansing, which will give your home or workplace a 'spring clean', leaving it feeling brighter, more welcoming and a positive place to live/work once again. If you are trying to sell your property a house cleansing by Jenny is the perfect way to help give prospective buyers a welcome feeling.


Please note: You need to be 18 or over to order a reading or energy removal. Jenny will aim to complete your reading or entity/energy removal within 48 hours of ordering, but in rare instances can take up to 72 hours. Please check your junk/spam box in case your reading arrives there. By ordering an email reading or entity/energy removal, you are automatically agreeing to our sites terms and conditions and privacy policy. 

UK law states that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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