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News From Jenny

I am now offering 1-2-1 readings for those who are able to visit Cottingham in East Yorkshire. The venue is the Darby & Joan Hall and dates are in January and February which are selling fast! For further details click here!


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I am very excited to announce that an article I have written is to be published in the next issue of Haunted Magazine! This fabulous publication is out September 6th and will be available (in print) in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. A digital version will also available worldwide.

 'Haunted Magazine is 'packed full of paranormal, stuffed with supernatural, sautéed with spookiness, garnished with ghosts & even drizzled with a dash of “demons”. If you want histories, mysteries, ghost stories, hauntings, weird stuff, freaky stuff and more supernatural than you can shake a stick at, from some of the best writers around then Haunted is the magazine for you. There’s even a free pull-out paranormal magazine inside too.'
Haunted Magazine 35 is now available to pre-order! SNAP UP YOUR COPY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE - CLICK HERE!



June 13th 2022 News:
UFO Chronicles Podcast Special Guest Appearance. 

Pleased to excited to announce that I will soon be interviewed for an upcoming edition of the UFO Chronicles Podcast with fabulous host, Nik Hunter. We are going to be chatting about paranormal matters including some of the famous people from the spirit world who have visited's going to be SPOOKTACULAR!



June 17th 2022 News:
High Strange Magazine Interview

Thrilled to announce that I will be featured in the inaugural issue of High Strange magazine, published by Weird World Press in the USA. I am being interviewed by the magazine's editor, Ranee Decker about my paranormal exploits and experiences. The issue is due for publication later this year. Don't forget to order your copy!

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June 13th 2022 News:
The Feminine Macabre Article

Honoured to announce that I am going to be featured in the next issue, Volume IV, of 'The Feminine Macabre'. This popular paranormal journal will be publishing one of my articles entitled, 'Drawing the Dead - A Beginners Guide to Psychic Art. This series of American journals (the content created entirely by females or those who identify as a woman) shines an illuminating light on those talented, hardworking women in the paranormal, whose interests veer towards the darker side of life. The journal is set for release in September 2022, and will be available on Amazon. You can read more about The Feminine Macabre in my blog article here.


I am very excited to announce that I have a second article, 'The Psychic, The Serial Killer and the Last Queen of Egypt' to be published in Haunted Magazine 36 which is now available to pre-order now!- CLICK HERE!



I am please to announce that my evenings of clairvoyance will recommence starting in September. The first show will be on Saturday 17th September, at the Darby & Joan (Small) Hall in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Tickets are £10.00 which includes light refreshments. Click here to book now!


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June 13th 2022 News:
Live Shows to Restart Soon!

Pleased to announce that I should be restarting my live shows (demonstrations of clairvoyance) in late summer (Covid willing) and hope to see you there. I am currently looking for suitable venues around the East Yorkshire, UK area. Please keep an eye the Events page of my website for further updates and ticket sale information.



June 14th 2022 News:
Fireside Paranormal Podcast
Special Guest Appearance

Excited to announce that I will be joining Jordan Cline from West Virginia USA on his Fireside Paranormal Podcast this July 18th to discuss all things spooky! We will be especially digging deep into the subject of astral projection and I will be talking about my experiences of the subject. You can catch the latest edition of FPP on Mondays. For more information go to

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