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Testimonials from Clients of Jenny Pugh

Talking about their experiences of having an email clairvoyant reading from Jenny

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‘There were things in there mentioned that only my husband and I had been talking about/know about. You cannot find stuff about me on social media nor did I tell Jenny anything about me beforehand. There is no way that you can just make a guess at certain things in people’s lives and get it right like Jenny has. Let me tell you that I now have a sense of comfort after this reading and knowing what I need to know. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jenny to anyone.’

Kay Adeola on her email reading by Jenny


'After my reading from you, I am speechless. You are the real deal. There is no way you could have known about 'the mirror' or Scotland or any of it. I know you connected me with my mom's spirit. You brought me to tears and have given me closure. You are an angel, Jenny Pugh.'

Dylan (right) and his late mother, Jeanie (left) on his email reading by Jenny


'This was so lovely and reassuring to read. My son is one of the most kind and caring boys in the world. Hopefully his epilepsy will get back under control very soon so that he can take on the world as your reading suggests. Thank you. I am sending this message with lots of love and gratitude that our paths have crossed. Dana xx'

Dana on her email reading by Jenny

Tiffeny Brown

'I was really impressed with my psychic reading from Jenny. I asked her three questions and it was so interesting to read about what my future will hold. The things Jenny said were incredibly accurate. I was so happy to hear that spirit are around and looking out for me. Jenny has helped reassure me about the future and I'm excited to see some of the things she said come to fruition. After my reading I felt a sense of calm and happiness. I would definitely have another reading in the future from this lovely and genuine lady.'

Tiffeny Brown on her email reading by Jenny


"I am absolutely stunned by the things Jenny told me: she referenced a spirit dog I saw as a child. There are only two people in the world that knew about that -me and my mum. She also referenced my twin sister - again, this is something that very few people knew about and nobody at all could have known about my twin's "comfort". The other things Jenny said all made sense to my circumstances at the minute but the dog and the twin convinced me that she has genuine ability. It's brought me a great deal of peace, which was much needed at the moment. Thank you Jenny."

Bev on her email reading by Jenny


'Jenny answered my one question by only knowing my name and in her answer she said things that only I could make sense of. A gifted and kind lady. I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much xx'

Anita on her email reading by Jenny


'Thank you so much Jenny. I needed to hear this and has settled me. Thank you xxx'

Mel on her email reading by Jenny


‘I have to just say that, once again Jenny Pugh has hit the nail on the head…I asked about previous lives I may have had and what she told me really shocked me, in the fact that where I was before and the interests and things I do now, day to day match up….WOW’

Kay Adeola on her Past Life reading by Jenny


‘Can I just say, I’m completely blown away with your reading I am so blessed to have come across such a kind-hearted lady, you have such a great gift. Every bit of it made total sense, I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me. I have come across a lot of gifted people but you are definitely one of a kind. A very gifted and genuine psychic medium, 101%’

paul stride.jpg

'Thank you Jenny for my reading it was fascinating, accurate and gave me plenty of food for thought on a number on things that I'll take with me as I go along my way! I was amazed at how much detail was in there too with subtle clues and some sound advice that I'll take in. Once again thank you.'

Julieann Millar on her email reading by Jenny

Paul Stride on his email reading by Jenny


'An absolutely inspired reading from Jenny Pugh, still in shock from the accuracy. If you're thinking of having a psychic reading I would 100% recommend speaking to Jenny Pugh. I wasn't sure what to expect from a reading & kept an open mind, but when it arrived I was actually shocked to discover how much I connected with it. It was so insightful & really useful, with points raised that made me feel quite emotional. It brought a sense of peace that I will not easily forget.. thank you Jenny x

Sharon from Crystallis, the beautiful online crystal store, on her email reading by Jenny

'I got my portrait today, she's absolutely beautiful and she really does look like someone in our family.

I absolutely love it! I'm going to frame her and hang her on my wall. I just know that she will give me great comfort whenever I look at her, Thank you so much xxx'

Trudee on her psychic portrait by Jenny

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