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What does an email reading, past life read or psychic portrait entail?

When you order an email clairvoyant reading, past life reading or psychic portrait from Jenny, you will be asked to submit (for clairvoyant readings), up to three questions, your DOB (to confirm you are over 18) and name. For past life readings you will be asked for your DOB (to confirm you are over 18) and name. Jenny will then use her natural clairvoyant abilities to tune into her spirit guides who will help her to answer your questions and/or produce your portrait. Clairvoyant and past life readings are then typed up into an email and sent to you as a permanent record of your reading, that you can read at your leisure. Digital psychic portraits will also be emailed to you and if you have ordered the original artwork, this will be mailed to you in the post.

You can read more about the spirit world and spirit guides here.

How can Jenny produce a clairvoyant reading or psychic portrait without meeting me in person?

Jenny is a natural clairvoyant and able to tune into the spirit world. When she concentrates on your name, her spirit guides have the ability to link her to your guides and loved ones so she can conduct your reading. The process is a bit like a spiritual telephone exchange, with Jenny's spirit guides acting as the operator. You can read testimonials from some of the clients she has produced email readings for here.

Why does Jenny do email readings?

With a telephone or in-person reading, it can be difficult to remember everything said by the medium. But, with an email reading you will be able to read at your leisure and re-read points of interest, it also gives you a record of your reading for future reference. Also, with an email reading, it allows Jenny to go deeper into a trance like state to receive the information for you.

How do I order a reading or psychic portrait?
What about payment & delivery times?

Ordering your reading or psychic portrait is very easy, just choose your desired option from the reading or portraits and follow the information on that page. Payment can be made through Paypal, debit or credit card and is taken by a secure server. Readings and digital psychic portraits are usually sent to you within 48 hours (very occasionally can take up to 72 hours), not including weekends and bank holidays. If you have not received your reading within this time, please check that your reading has not gone into your spam/junk inbox. Original artwork of psychic portraits (if ordered) are usually posted within 2 working days of completion (not including weekends and bank holidays) with delivery times dependant on where you live. Expected delivery times after your artwork has been posted: UK between 2-3 working days. Europe between 3 -7 days and rest of the world 7-14 days.

Can I get a refund on an email clairvoyant reading. past life reading or psychic portrait?

Unfortunately, due to their bespoke nature (being produced especially for you), we cannot accept any returns or offer refunds on these items. For full details please read our terms and conditions.

I'm worried that Jenny might give me 'bad' news?

Don't worry, all of Jenny's readings are produced within the love and protection of her and your spirit guides and only pass on information that will help and guide you. Should there be something that your spirit friends want you to address, they will inform you in a loving and gentle way. Please note that Jenny  is not a qualified counsellor, nor a qualified medical professional and that UK law states that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. please see disclaimer for further details.


What is Jenny's jewellery made from?

Each piece in Jenny’s unique, statement jewellery collection is crafted from individually chosen beads and stones, which range from natural beads made from crystal and semi-precious stones to other synthetic beads such as handmade glass and ceramic ones. These are intuitively chosen by Jenny and carefully arranged into the final design before being strung together using either gold or silver-plated wire, forming the final piece (except bracelets which are elasticated).

What stones does Jenny use in her jewellery?

All of Jenny’s jewellery contain a mixture of beautiful beads and contain some of the following: clear quartz, tiger’s eye, amethyst, rose quartz, agate, dragon’s skin agate, turquoise, malachite, striped agate, hematite, jasper, sodalite, green aventurine, black onyx, goldstone, blue sandstone, moonstone, haematite, snowflake obsidian, ladrabdorite, red jasper, unakite, smokey quartz, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, carnelian, crystal glass, painted porcelain, millefiori, crackle glass, drawbench glass, glass pearl, frosted glass, shell, wood, drizzle glass and much more.

Can Jenny produce a bespoke item of jewellery, just for me?

Yes, of course Jenny can create bespoke jewellery for you upon request. To enquire about a commission, please email with your requirements and we will be in touch/ Please note that commissions may require a down payment before commencement and are non-refundable.

Will my jewellery arrive in a gift box?

All of Jenny's jewellery is dispatched with a beautiful gift pouch, which is perfect for gifting or for storing your piece. Your package is also sent in a mail box friendly postal box.

What if I need to return an item of jewellery?

For full information, please refer to our Delivery and Returns page.

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