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A 25 minute clairvoyant reading with Jenny, in person at the Darby & Joan Hall, Cottingham UK


You will have a twenty five minute private session with Jenny to ask as many questions (please note: Jenny cannot answer health, pregnancy, legal or financial questions) as you like in the time provided, and she will tune into her spirit guides for their answers.  Please note that as well as your chosen questions, your reading may contain information about other areas of your life and/or messages from spirit guides, angelic forces, family, friends or spirit animals.  In addition to her clairvoyance, Jenny may also use some tools such as cards and crystals to enhance your reading.


By ordering from, you are confirming that you are 18 years old or older, have good mental health, and have read and fully agree to this website's terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Jenny cannot answer health, pregnancy, legal or financial questions.
UK law: All psychic services from Jenny and are solely for entertainment purposes only.

1-2-1 in Person Clairvoyant Reading with Jenny Pugh

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