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Colour Pastel Psychic Portrait by Jenny - Digital JPG emailed to you


To produce your unique psychic portrait, Jenny will tune into the spirit world and ask for someone connected to you, to step forward to be drawn. She will then produce a beautiful colour pastel drawing of that guide/person. Your portrait will be signed by Jenny, before being sent to you as a digital JPG portrait so that you can share the experience with friends, family or on social media.


Please note that this is for a digital copy of your portrait ONLY* and does not include the original artwork. Also, please note that the spirit who presents themselves to be drawn may be a spirit guide, angelic being, family member, friend or even former pet.


*If you also wish to purchase the orginal artwork of your drawing, please see our other options available.


Important: If you are purchasing digital readings or digital psychic portraits ONLY, please choose the 'Digital Emailed Product - NO SHIPPING' as your shipping choice during checkout.


Please note:

  • By ordering from, you are confirming that you are 18 years old or more and that you have read and fully agree to our websites terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Jenny Pugh/ retains the image copyright of any psychic portraits produced for you.
  • UK law: psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Colour Pastel Portrait - Digital JPG emailed to you

  • Please note: Due to this being a bespoke item produced especially for you, we cannot accept any returns on the item.

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