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Negative Entity/Energy Remote Removal


Do you feel a negative atmosphere in your home or office?

Worried that you might have an 'uninvited guest'?

Are you trying to sell your house and want to 'freshen up' the atmosphere for potential buyers?


If so, a remote negative energy removal by Jenny could help.


Often when we walk into a house we get a 'feeling' about it, the atmosphere can affect how you feel yourself. Sometimes buildings can develop negative energies which make us feel drained, depressed or unwell. This negativity can be caused by an unwanted spiritual entity, a negative event happening in the property or by the collected negative energies given off by other people.


This can be fixed by spiritual cleansing, which will give your home a 'spring clean', leaving it feeling brighter, welcoming and a positive place to live/work once again.


If you are wanting to sell your property a remote negative energy removal is the perfect thing to make it appeal to potential buyers the moment they step over the threshold by ridding it of unwanted vibrations.


During a cleansing, any negative energy can be lifted by Jenny. She works in conjunction with her spirit guides (and other powerful deities), to help move on any unwanted spirits* that may be present or remove an unwanted negative atmosphere caused by human interaction or previous negative event.


Once the cleansing ritual has been performed, Jenny will seal your property with love and light to prevent any further problems.


*When dealing with a spirit entity, the cleansing process is always performed with love and light, with the best intentions for you and for the spirit rescue of any entities involved.


Jenny will aim to start your remote cleansing within 48 hours of ordering (often sooner), but in rare instances, it can take up to 72 hours. Jenny will email you and confirm when the cleansing has started. Jenny usually performs the cleansing over several sessions over 3 or 4 consecutive days to get the best outcome for you.


Client 'SF' said the following about her experience:

'Recently, while visiting a certain relative, while inside their house, myself and others became miserable, lethargic and feeling unwell. I realised this often lifted once I left the house. Jenny Pugh did an amazing job of remotely clearing negative energy from the house, and now the atmosphere is calm, clear, and I no longer feel ill upon visiting. Thank you, Jen'


Please note: Before Jenny commences your house cleansing she will email you a questionnaire, please return it asap so that she can begin work on helping you rid your property of any unwanted negative vibrations.


Important: If you are purchasing an entity/energy removal ONLY, please choose the 'Digital Emailed Product - NO SHIPPING' as your shipping choice during checkout.



  • By ordering from, you are confirming that you are 18 years old or older, have good mental health, and have read and fully agree to our website's terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Jenny Pugh/ cannot be held liable for results of this service and we do not guarantee specific results. There are no refunds offered for this service as it is a bespoke item. Please read T&C for further information before ordering.
  • UK law: All psychic services from Jenny and are solely for entertainment purposes only.

Negative Entity/Energy Removal - Remote House Cleansing

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