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Get your very own signed paperback copy of Why Do Angels Have Wings?: The Extraordinary Adventures of a Clairvoyant Medium by Jenny Pugh.


They say, 'The dead don't speak'...but they DO to JENNY PUGH!

'Why Do Angels Have Wings?' is the acclaimed clairvoyant medium's spellbinding memoir of her lifetime of supernatural experiences.

A natural psychic since childhood, Jenny grew up in the shadow of the medieval city of York, with its thousand resident ghosts. Here Jenny spent much of her childhood alone…or so it seemed to others. While her peers played with toys, Jenny was developing her innate psychic skills while hunting those spectres. And as she grew, so too did her abilities - ensuring a wild adventure ahead.


  • Ghostly visitations from Hollywood and TV stars.
  • 'Ghostbusting' haunted houses.
  • Communicating with otherworldly entities including angels and fairies.
  • Dabbling in psychic detective work.

Giving outstanding clairvoyant and psychic art demonstrations while battling a personal crisis in a life or death struggle, Jenny has always pushed the barrier between this world and the next. In her intriguing recollection, Jenny delivers more than a memoir. She allows us to step into her shoes and share in her experiences, reconnecting loved ones, connecting with angels, fighting crime and even picking racetrack winners.

Join Jenny and her spirit guides and enter a realm of magic that's much closer than you ever imagined!

AUTHOR SIGNED copy of 'Why Do Angels Have Wings' UK DELIVERY

  • Your book will be sent by Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class post and is tracked.  Delivery usually taked between 1-2 business days but may take longer if industrial action or Coronovirus affects deliveries. Please note that returns are not accepted due to this being a personalised item. If no specific personalisation is requested, then the book will be signed on the title page by Jenny.

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