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Jenny Pugh - Author

Why Do Angels Have Wings?

They say, 'The dead don't speak'...

...but they DO to JENNY PUGH!

'Why Do Angels Have Wings?' is the

acclaimed clairvoyant medium's

spellbinding memoir of her lifetime

of supernatural experiences.

A natural psychic since childhood,

Jenny grew up in the shadow of the

medieval city of York, with its

thousand resident ghosts. Here Jenny

spent much of her childhood alone…or so it seemed to others. While her peers played with toys, Jenny was developing her innate psychic skills while hunting those spectres. And as she grew, so too did her abilities - ensuring a wild adventure ahead.

  • Ghostly visitations from Hollywood and TV stars.

  • 'Ghostbusting' haunted houses.

  • Communicating with otherworldly entities including angels and fairies.

  • Dabbling in psychic detective work.

Giving outstanding clairvoyant and psychic art demonstrations while battling a personal crisis in a life or death struggle, Jenny has always pushed the barrier between this world and the next. In her intriguing recollection, Jenny delivers more than a memoir. She allows us to step into her shoes and share in her experiences, reconnecting loved ones, connecting with angels, fighting crime and even picking racetrack winners.

Join Jenny and her spirit guides and enter a realm of magic that's much closer than you ever imagined. Unsigned copies available now on Amazon.

'My Psychic Development Journal' is

the new psychic workbook designed

by Jenny specifically for those

interested in developing their psychic


This beautiful journal is a fantastic

way to record your memorable

psychic experiences during your

development journey and contains

daily worksheets for you to complete

as you explore the different psychic

skills and is suitable for any mystical discipline.


It's perfect for those who read tarot cards, scry, meditate, perform candle magic or other rituals, for those wishing to record interactions with angels or their spirit guides and much more! The journal also prompts you to record your dreams, pull a daily oracle or tarot card and practice LOA gratitude while working with the universal forces of light.


Suitable for the beginner or the seasoned psychic, 'My Psychic Development Journal' will chart your progress and become a fantastic record of what you have accomplished on your spiritual journey.

'Explore, discover and then record your experiences and watch how your psychic talents grow!- The only journal you'll ever need!' - Jenny Pugh

Available now on Amazon.

210 x 297 mm (A4) sized paperback with 200 daily worksheets

My Psychic Development Journal

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