Jenny's Forthcoming Memoire

Jenny is currently writing a book recounting her amazing psychic adventures. From exploring haunted houses, encountering ghosts of Hollywood stars, investigating crime, meeting fairy folk to demonstrating her abilities on stage.

Read a short extract here:

'The scene began dissolving and I found myself being swept up, away from the bright lights of the fairground to be deposited in a new and unfamiliar location, deep in the wilds of the countryside and miles from anywhere. I gazed around at this new place and found the only legacy of humanity’s presence was a disused tunnel, its dark chasm-like entrance towering before me. 

Aged brickwork worn by time and neglect framed its giant mouth, seemingly waiting to devour any unwary explorer. Delicate wildflowers, nestled themselves between the velveteen moss covered cracks in the crumbling stone and swayed silently in the breeze. Miniature blooms of pale azure harebells hung their pretty heads as if nature were paying its sorrowful respects to some tragedy which had tarnished this once beautiful place.   


No excited laughter, bustling crowds or aroma of fast food ever existed in this desolate place. The only sound was the rustling of the wind, forcing its way through a nearby grove of silver birch saplings. The young trees had pushed their way up through the carpet of bracken which festooned the site and stood defiant against the strong breeze.  My stomach flipped as I took in the country scene as I knew my guide was revealing to me the place where the unfortunate boy had met his fate. Taking a deep breath, I mentally stepped into the fateful darkness of the abandoned tunnel entrance.'

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