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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

You've probably heard of Zac Baggins and Jason Hawes, but what about the women working in the field of the paranormal? Why does the spotlight seem to shun them? One woman, Amanda Woomer, set out to change this.

Amanda is a successful writer, anthropologist, and paranormal researcher. Tired of seeing women being shunted to the side-lines, Amanda decided to take things into her own hands and created The Feminine Macabre. This series of polished journals (the content created entirely by females or those who identify as a woman) shines an illuminating light on those talented, hardworking women in the paranormal, whose interests veer towards the darker side of life.

So, how did The Feminine Macabre come about? 'I first got the idea to start an all-female journal in 2020 after being on a radio show,' explains Amanda. 'We were talking about historical women in the paranormal, and no one knew who we were talking about: Catherine Crowe, Eleanor Sidgwick, Zora Neale Hurston, etc. I then realized it's the same with contemporary paranormal researchers today—most only know the famous people on TV and the vast majority are male.'

Amanda Woomer, creator and editor of The Feminine Macabre

Amanda then set about finding other women writers working in the paranormal to feature their work in her journal. In March of 2021, Volume I of The Feminine Macabre hit the stores, complete with a foreword by Patti Negri, a medium known for her recurring role on the American TV show 'Ghost Adventures.'

The journal's first edition consisted of fascinating articles written by thirty women working in the paranormal field on subjects ranging from folklore and death culture to tarot, dark history, ghosts, and more. The writers sharing their experiences, research, and theories but with a feminine twist. A substantial biography of each contributor was also included in the book.

Volume I of The Feminine Macabre, with forward by Patti Negri

The reason behind the publication? 'I wanted to amplify the voices of women in the field and shine a light on their work because they are working just as hard as the men (harder I'd say), with just as much integrity… they deserve to be recognized,' explains Amanda.

She is also keen to make her journal inclusive to all female writers. 'If anyone who identifies as female (cis or trans) or non-binary is considering submitting (articles for consideration for future editions), I encourage them to do so,' she says. 'It's an extremely supportive group and a chance to have your work published in an actual print book.'

Since the success of Volume I, there have been two other editions of The Feminine Macabre. Volume II was released in August 2021 with a foreword by American occult expert Michelle Belanger. Volume III, released in March 2022, had a foreword by ghost enthusiast and model Bridget Marquardt. But what's next for this fascinating series of paranormal paperbacks? Only Amanda knows.

The Feminine Macabre. Volume II, with forward by Michelle Belanger

'Volume IV is currently in the works and is set to be released in September 2022 with a foreword by… it's a surprise! We'll announce that soon,' teases Amanda.

So, we will just have to wait and see what delights lay in store. I can, however, give you one sneak preview as to Volume IV's content, as I am honoured to announce that it will feature one of my articles, entitled 'Drawing the Dead (Or a Beginners Guide to Psychic Art), and I can't wait for you all to read it!

Psychic artists have the ability to tune into the spirit world and produce portraits of spirit guides, family and friends who have passed away and even draw pictures of former pets. You can see an example below of a sketch of one of my spirit guides below.

Psychic drawing of one of my spirit guides, 'The Regulator'

So watch out for volume IV (pictured below) of The Feminine Macabre coming this September!

You can also purchase the first three editions on Amazon or get personalised copies at Amanda's website, The Spook Eats. As one reviewer on Amazon remarked, 'Your bookshelf needs this!'

You can connect with Amanda on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For further information on submission guidelines for future editions, go to

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