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The Truth About Dying - A Spirit Guide's Wisdom

At some point in everybody life, they ask themselves the ultimate question, 'What happens when we die?'...

Being a Clairvoyant Medium has given me a unique perspective on what we refer to as 'death.'

I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is more to this one life of ours. This sure knowledge comes from my many conversations with the spirit guides, ascended masters and angelic beings who watch over us and try to guide us on our pathway in this life.

The following conversation was channelled by ones of those enlightened beings, using me as a conduit, to pass on their knowledge. They asked for me to share it with you all...

A Message from Spirit:

'There is nothing to fear in death, it is only the next step in your evolution. There is nothing to fear about dying, it is just passing onto your next stage in life.

Be at peace and know that you are going to return to spirit from where you came, and will there reunite with the divine spark that created you in the first place. For this is a place of love, light and eternal peace for all. Here you were born, and here you shall live forever more.

There is no end to you, only a beginning which was foretold aeons ago, at the true origin of everything. You have always 'been' and will always 'be'. There cannot be any 'end' to you.

People talk about incarnation, and it is the truth. Only our spirit survive what you know as 'death'. We shed the superfluous overcoat of flesh at the point that we reconnect with spirit. Your body is that and nothing more. It is just a container to hold your soul during the time while you are on earth. It is a celebration to finally leave your old body and be pain-free, able to evolve once more. To move up that spiritual ladder to enlightenment.

Do not look backwards, for it is always better to look to the future. If you have lost someone dear to you (human or animal), know that they do not suffer, but live only in light until it is their time to progress again and return to the earth. They will return to live a new life with their true (soul) light still burning bright inside them.

When we 'die' we are at peace with our true family, and we do not suffer. All is gratitude, peace and love forever more. Do not fear this passing as it is part of life and happens many times, although we do not readily remember it in this lifetime.

Sometimes, however, we get hints at these former lives through our likes, fears and destiny. There are those who can communicate with the great spirit who can access images from these past lives that still exist in your auric field. These lives are a learning curve for the soul. Nothing is wasted, no experience good or bad, for ALL is learning.

Do not weep for a bad experience, for it makes you only stronger in this life and the next to come. Do celebrate the good experiences, for they will strengthen your soul and make it sing with joy, and joy and love is the ultimate goal for all.

Take heart and know that those who have passed before you are waiting to greet you once again, with a renewed strength and vigour. Know that their spiritual heart never dies, but lives on and burns brightly until you meet again once more.'

Love and light,

Jenny Pugh

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