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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

“Don’t be afraid. Only believe!”

I was very privileged recently to be invited to interview on the amazing Fireside Paranormal Podcast by talented host, Jordan Cline. Fireside Paranormal Podcast is a well respected podcast out of West Virginia, USA which covers all areas of spookiness including hauntings, cryptids, aliens and much more!

Jordan Cline, host of the Fireside Paranormal Podcast

Jordan has been hosting radio shows since 2008 and in that time has interviewed an amazing range of people from the paranormal world, including the late, Lorraine Warren (the clairvoyant and paranormal investigator who inspired the 'Conjuring' series of movies), Stanton T. Friedman (nuclear physicist and professional ufologist) and Ernie Hudson (the actor and star of 'Ghostbusters').

We spent a very enjoyable hour discussing some of my paranormal experiences such as the day I spied a goblin wearing a waistcoat with silver buttons (who'd decided to perch on my wheelie bin!) Jordan and I also chatted about the time I had an elf as a 'house guest', spotted a fairy dancing in my local pub, met an unexpected angel, zoomed out of my body to explore the astral world, plus we delved into my past lives and other mystical topics.

A quick sketch I made of the goblin just after I saw him

The show featuring my interview has just been released and makes an amazing listen. If you enjoy a great podcast you can't do better than checking out the show!

Jenny Pugh being interviewed on the Fireside Paranormal Podcast website

If you would like to hear even more, you can even become a patron of Fireside Paranormal Podcast to hear more content with the podcast's special guests! You can find out more by clicking the link below:

The Fireside Paranormal Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including ApplePodcast, Pandora, Audible, Google Podcast, Gaana, and iHeartRadio.

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