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I am very excited to announce that an article I wrote is featured in the current issue of Haunted magazine! My article tells the story of my maternal grandfather, who came face to face with a sea serpent once, while fishing off the coast at Whitby harbour.

My grandfather, Robert Millington (left), spent a lot of time fishing after he returned home injured from the first world war.

He was a very influential person in my early life, until he unfortunately passed away when I was only eleven years old. He was also the first person to speak to me from the spirit world, talking about his old family doctor from when I was a toddler.

You can read the full story of my grandfather's cryptid sighting in the current issue of Haunted Magazine.

Haunted Magazine is packed full of paranormal, stuffed with supernatural, sautéed with spookiness, garnished with ghosts & even drizzled with a dash of “demons”. If you want histories, mysteries, ghost stories, hauntings, weird stuff, freaky stuff and more supernatural than you can shake a stick at, from some of the best writers around then Haunted is the magazine for you.

My article tells my grandfather's story as well as an investigation of other cryptid sightings along the east coast of Yorkshire around the same time, so get your copy now for an exciting read!

Haunted Magazine is available worldwide online, print copies available to order from and for sale in the UK from selected WH Smiths and the USA from Barnes & Noble.


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