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I was recently made aware of the fabulous work being done by the Nonprofit charity, Harmony Fund, who work tirelessly to help support different animal rescue teams across the world. Their donations help to provide food, shelter, veterinary care and protection from cruelty for thousands of needy animals each month.

Founded by animal hero, Laura Simpson, the charity helps with the following:

  • Food and veterinary care for animals in struggling rescue centers

  • Street feeding patrols to provide daily meals for homeless dogs and cats in several countries

  • Anti-snaring patrols and wildlife rehabilitation in Africa

  • Care for rescued farm animals

  • Legal initiatives to fight cruelty and neglect

  • Spay/neuter campaigns for homeless and rescued animals

  • Supplemental food as well as rescue and adoptions for dogs in neglectful pounds

This is what the charity say about themselves:

'The Harmony Fund is an esteemed charity based in the USA. We offer a lifeline to underdog animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where animal welfare is quite poor. Our supporters are dramatically impacting thousands upon thousands of animals who might otherwise go without food, shelter and veterinary care.

Gratitude and respect are at the cornerstone of our relationship with our supporters. We do not expose our supporters to graphic photos of animal suffering or distribute dire forecasts about animal suffering. Instead we focus on a spirit of joy and determination as we pursue essential operations to provide food, veterinary medicine, shelter and protection from cruelty for animals worldwide.'

The charity do amazing work all over the world and are currently involved in such projects as helping to build a new veterinary hospital in Romania and supporting the rescue of animals in need due to the current conflict in Ukraine, such as the dog below who was rescued from a bombed out building.

The charity also made a donation to the The Second Chance Shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine, where more than 70 cats and 10 dogs have now found their home. Many of the animals here are deaf or blind or missing a limb. You see them being cared for by the shelter director Tatiana in the photo below.

About 'Miracle Day'

Miracle Day is what the charity call the first day of each month, because this is the day they make a difference to the lost, injured, homeless and wild animals across the planet.

The charity explain:

'it’s the day that truly extraordinary acts of love take form for animals across the planet. It’s the day we dispatch aid for food, shelter, veterinary medicine and so much more.'

You too can be a part of miracle day, by making a donation, however small, today!

If you can help this worthwhile charity in any way,

please give them the support they need and deserve! Thank you.

If you wish to donate to The Harmony Fund, and help in their vital work, please go to:

To visit their website homepage:

Or to get more information, you can contact the charity here:

Please follow Harmony Fund on Facebook

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