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How to Connect with your Guardian Angel

Some of the most frequently asked questions that I get as a clairvoyant medium are: ' Do I have a spirit guide or guardian angel?', 'How does my spirit guide work with me?' or even 'How do I talk to my spirit guide or guardian angel?'

What most people don't realise is everyone is psychic and indeed capable of reaching out and contacting those in spirit who watch over them. Don't get me wrong, when I say that everyone is psychic, I don't mean that all of humanity will see ghosts or encounter fairies regularly. But, we all can get closer to those unseen ethereal beings, who hover benignly in the shadows, to attempt to communicate with them and better feel their love.

'Do I have a spirit guide or guardian angel?' That's an easy one...a resounding 'YES!' Everyone has a spirit guide (sometimes known as a 'guardian angel'), yes that's right, EVERYONE...

There is nobody who goes through life alone. We are all loved and cared for by those living and those in spirit. These spirit guides are with us from before birth, when we choose to work with them during our next incarnation and are with us until we finally pass back to spirit. Guides can change during your lifetime, sometimes new guides will come into your life to help you, (this may be short term or long term), so you may have more than one guide, but always at least one. Your guides choose to work with you (and sometimes others too) as they resonate to your own particular vibrations.

They all have their own particular talents and knowledge that they utilise to help us. These guides are not tied to our apron strings though, they come in and out of our lives, sometimes closer than others, and we may experience many different guides who each have different lessons to teach us or help us with a particular situation. Guides can be highly evolved beings, those we have encountered in past lives or even non-human entities. Sometimes we also draw protective animal spirits to us.

Are spirit guides and angels the same thing? Yes and no. Your spirit guide might be considered to be your 'guardian angel' (as they work to keep you safe from harm), but most spirit guides have had a human existence at some point, whereas real angels have not. Angels are highly evolved entities whose energy vibrates at the highest frequency and more advanced than most guides. Although angels can connect to you on an individual level, they usually work on larger scale 'projects' rather than being a guide to one person. The most senior of the angelic realm are the Archangels, of which Michael can be called upon for protection and guidance and Raphael (who I once honoured to have appear before me), for help with healing.

'Are spirits always with us or do they come and go?' Our spirit friends, (whether that be family, friends or guides) are not around us continually, but 'drop in' either at times of need (if we are sick for instance) or just to visit us (like you would an old friend). Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they don't take the time to see us. Don't worry though, they do not intrude if you need privacy (such as having a shower). If you sense a presence around you, mentally say 'Hello, thank you for coming, who are you and what can I do for you? And see if you 'feel' a reply. For example, you may get a sudden whiff of cologne or perfume that you recognise as belonging to someone.

How does my spirit guide work with me? Your spirit guide(s) work with you to help and inspire you, for example, if you are a creative type, they could inspire you with ideas for stories, music or paintings. They are drawn to our energies and know when it's the right time to help us. Our guides also help us to solve problems and deal with life in general. If you get a sudden 'inspirational' idea, it could well be your guide, nudging you in the right direction. Spirit guides are non-judgemental souls who have chosen to work with you to help you fulfil your soul’s potential while you are on 'the Earth plane' (our physical world). Spirit guides are also telepathic, and you can communicate with them by thought alone. Guides can come to us in our sleep state when we can leave our physical body and explore the astral planes with our guide at our side.

'How can I begin to talk to my spirit guide or guardian angel? The best way to start connecting with your spirit guide is to quiet your mind through meditation or being in nature. This raises your vibration and makes it easier for spirit to contact you. Once you are tranquil, shut your eyes and call out in your mind, ask that your guide step forward and make themselves known to you. As you do so, you may sense their presence, hear, smell something, have sudden inspiration or see colours or images. You may even get a glimpse of them in your mind. Ask them for their protection, healing and inspiration and talk to them often. Don't worry if you don't sense them at first, they do exist and care for you even if you can't see them.

'Talk to your guides often...for to feel their unconditional love is to touch Heaven itself, and this touch is life-enhancing and fulfilling.'

love & Light,

Jenny Pugh

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