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I am excited to announce the publication of my new book, 'My Psychic Development Journal,' the perfect workbook for those on a spiritual path. It is a fantastic way to record your memorable psychic experiences during your development journey.

This beautiful journal contains daily worksheets for you to complete as you explore the different psychic disciplines. I specifically designed it for use in any mystical discipline. It's perfect for those who read tarot cards, scry, meditate, perform candle magic or other rituals, for those wishing to record interactions with angels or their spirit guides and much more!

The journal also prompts you to record your dreams, pull a daily oracle or tarot card and practice LoA gratitude while working with the universal forces of light. Suitable for the beginner or the seasoned psychic, 'My Psychic Development Journal' will chart your progress and become a fantastic record of what you have accomplished on your spiritual journey.'

'Explore, discover and then record your experiences and watch how your psychic talents grow. The only journal you'll ever need!' - Jenny Pugh

'My Psychic Development Workbook' is available now from Amazon.

210 x 297 mm (A4) sized paperback. Contains 200 daily worksheets

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