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On the Question of Animal Survival...

Anyone who has ever loved and lost an animal friend must have asked themselves that question, do animals have souls and do they got to Heaven?

I recently read on one (religious) website, that (in their opinion), although animals do have souls, they are 'material' based (rather than 'spiritual' like human souls), so the same website therefore claims 'there's no doggie heaven'. They state that when an animal dies, it's soul ceases to exist.

I am here to tell you that NOTHING is further from the truth.

Although I've always been a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, (even when they are wrong), I find it a heinous crime to fill the mind of a grieving pet owner with thoughts that their furry friend doesn't still walk beside them. To take away someone's last shred of comfort at such a difficult time is beyond contempt...

So, to put matters right, please know that...

...animals DO have souls and DO survive 'death...

...100% guaranteed!

This statement isn't based on religious 'belief,' but on my own personal experiences over the years, not to mention the numerous reports I've received from people who have witnessed a beloved pet's return.

My knowing that our animal friends indeed do survive death is based on seeing animal spirits and hearing them, and in receiving messages of love from them. There is no question in my mind that our loved ones, (be they animal or human), live on after death and continue to love us and watch over us.

Human and animal is not a case of 'us and them,' as that some people would have you believe. Being human does not give us the monopoly on being somehow 'better' and having more 'afterlife rights' than our beloved animal companions.

Albert Einstein (right) - theoretical physicist, genius and dog owner once said:

'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.'

We are all one, we are ALL energy, we are ALL spirit. We ALL contain that spark of creation within us and will ALL return back to that creation after we die. How could it be any other way? Whether you are human or horse, you are made of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Therefore, it would impossible that our animal friends would not survive in the afterlife.

We used to have a little dog that we rescued, finding him lost and starving, huddled in the dark at the back of the greenhouse one winter evening. We took him in and fed him and tried to reunite him with his owner. Unable to find them, our new friend became a much loved member of the household, growing fatter and stronger every day.

My beautiful Beanie Boy

Eventually he blossomed into a beautiful little boy, apparently a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. He had the face of a golden lion and the smile of Mr Bean (from the TV show), who we nicknamed him after. 'Beanie' was the happiest little dog I'd ever seen, he even won a prized red rosette first prize in a 'Waggiest Tail' dog contest. He very loyal and loving and lived for his walks in the countryside and enjoyed riding in the car.

However, one terrible day, he was killed by a speeding car. He'd somehow managed to open the garden gate and had made a dash for his favourite parkland, but had to cross the road to get there. It was a devastating loss. Beanie wasn't just a 'pet' he was part of the family, and was loved as much.

A couple of days later, as I was driving along and stricken by grief at his loss. As I drove I begin sobbing, huge racking cries came from my very soul. Suddenly I heard a little voice speaking to me.

'Don't cry Momma...don't cry!' he said.

It was a quiet, pure voice, one filled with care and emotion, and a I heard those words, I sensed a little furry figure, sitting in the empty passenger's seat by my side. My beautiful Beanie had come back to say his goodbyes, his sweet hearted character was more worried about my mental state than the loss of his own life. For three days following his death he stayed with us, and I head and saw Beany again before he moved onto his new life in spirit.

My gorgeous green eyed Tasha

But Beanie isn't the only animal friend who has been back to see me, Tasha, my amazing Norwegian Forest cat (right), who I also rescued (found dumped as a kitten in the middle of nowhere, probably because of her slight jaw deformity) came back to see us after she'd passed away.

For eleven wonderful years this massive monochrome feline was our loving companion, until she was finally stolen from us by cancer. Again, for the following three days I heard her miaow and saw flashes of her spirit body darting up our spiral staircase. Although knowing that our much loved pets survive in spirit, doesn't take away the grief...but it helps us to cope with it.

My mother, (who has rescued over a dozen cats in her time) once reported seeing a cat made out of 'misty wire netting', which she described jumping up onto a box in her house and then leaping off again. No doubt it was the spirit form of one of the myriad of feline friends who had shared my parent's home over the years and so many other people have also told me their tales of seeing and/or hearing their beloved pet after they had passed away.

Never doubt it, our animal friends DO survive death, and are waiting to meet us again. To walk, hop or fly by our side, when we too eventually pass to spirit so we can enjoy the next great adventure together....

Love & Light

(a now tearful) Jenny Pugh

P.S. If you have the space and funds to adopt a rescue animal, it is one of the BEST things you could ever do for them AND you...go know you want to...

In the UK go to:

In the US go to:

Or search online for your local animal shelter today

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